GridPro Version 8.0 available for download!

This release comes along with documentation included in the software package. Additionally it can also be downloaded from our Learning Centre


The new version focuses on the user-friendliness and ease of block creations for geometries, in particular for Aerospace, IC Engines and Turbo-machinery applications.

The New version has options to sweep blocking along any geometry that is a surface of revolution. For Eg: Volutes in turbo-machinery applications.

The Extrude wizard allows the user to evaluate the centreline of the volute and sweep a 2d cross section of Wireframe. The wizard also calculates the area of progression and expands the wireframe accordingly.

The main advantages of this for the users are:

  • Minimum user inputs to generate blocking for the given Geometry.
  • Fast block building and Accurate positioning of blocks Faces.
  • Overall Reduction in the grid convergence time.

The new wizard also allows to create blocking easily for other geometries like Draft tube and Exhaust Manifold.

Draft tube of a turbine

Exhaust Manifold

In the Version 8, the user has options to create a blocking for a 2D cross section and revolve the blocking along the axis to get a complete 3D blocking.

Piston Bowl- 2D Wireframe Sweep to Full Mesh

Along with these the other new features are:

  • Option to Adjust edge lengths in blocks.
  • Visual display of Densities in the Topology.
  • Advanced Density control options.
  • Highlight Edges by clicking not he density legend.
  • New block core pattern for Wedge Periodic Cases.
  • Option to create X/Y/Z pattern of topology.

For more details on these features, check out the What's New in GridPro Version 8.

New Python commands

Additional functions have been added to the Python API to extend the scripting and automation of workflows.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

This release also has a lot of Bug fixes and Improvements, check out the Release Notes for the important changes in this release.

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