GridPro 6.0 Released

A New Platform for High End CFD Meshing Begins Today!

After an intense period of innovative development, PDC has released its next generation of meshing software: GridPro Version 6.0.

PDC has greatly reduced the effort required to generate CFD grids, through its new intuitive graphical interface that provides rapid access to the powerful tools that automatically produce the best quality multiblock grids. This new environment also represents a strong platform from which new capabilities can and will be readily added as the software progresses.

These multiblock grids are arranged in an unstructured way and accordingly offer users with the flexibility needed to grid complex geometry together with the resolution of complex physics. The latter is particularly important when significant physics must be brought into focus. As a matter of distinction, the general purpose meshing methods often provide full automation but deliver grids that cover regions with a uniform spread of general polyhedral cells and typically tack on a coarse grain non smooth boundary layer resolution. While this will work well in tame situations, there will be significant errors in flow modeling when the physics is more significant unless, of course, the uniform cell coverage is highly dense giving such a large cell count as to greatly slow down the CFD computations.

GridPro v6.0 also has a host of new features, enhancing the ease of use and automation. Some of the notable features include the various flavors of nesting, intelligent wrap, adaptation tools (enrich, nest), IGES and STEP import, SU2 export and OpenFOAM export, better error handling, etc. Automated scripts in TIL and Python have been developed to ease the effort of the customers. CFD solvers format and other neutral formats are available as export formats.

The quality and the automation that we offer have enabled us to increase our footprint to different parts of the world each year.

GridPro is available for Windows Linux and MAC platforms for both 32bit and 64bit architecture.

More information on this new release can be found here.

All the documentation for this product can be viewed on the support page.

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